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Secure Your Internet Connection

Our secure VPN channels your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, safeguarding your browsing data from prying eyes, even when using public or untrusted connections.

Keep Your Data Private

As a Malaysia-based VPN provider, we uphold strict privacy standards. We never log user activity or share data with third parties. Our anonymous VPN service ensures your browsing history remains confidential, offering an internet experience free from surveillance.

Unrestricted Online Access

In a world of increasing online restrictions, FinchVPN's mission is to empower individuals with unrestricted internet access. Whether you're a journalist, activist, or everyday citizen, FinchVPN allows you to navigate freely, transcending censorship and accessing a wealth of information online.

Internet security for everyone

Our aim is to democratize online privacy, ensuring that everyone can access advanced security technology through FinchVPN without breaking the bank.

Free VPN

At FinchVPN, we stand by the belief that privacy and security are basic human rights. That's why we proudly offer a free version of FinchVPN to the public.

Unlike other free VPN services, there are no hidden agendas. We don't inundate you with ads or compromise your browsing history. Our ability to provide FinchVPN Free is made possible by the support of those who subscribe to a paid FinchVPN plan.

If you value online privacy, we encourage you to consider upgrading to a paid plan for enhanced speeds and additional features.

Open Source and Publicly Available Software

We believe in the strength of open source and publicly available software to empower our users.

That's why we utilize open source and publicly available software in the development of FinchVPN, ensuring transparency and accessibility. Our goal is to make the protection of your digital privacy effortless and seamless across all your devices.

Dependable Performance

With FinchVPN, you can effortlessly bypass government censorship and other content restrictions. Simply connect to any of our VPN servers located in countries that uphold internet freedom.

To further enhance your online experience, we've engineered a cutting-edge VPN protocol called Stealth. This protocol is adept at evading detection, allowing you to effortlessly bypass internet censorship and VPN blocks.